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It’s all fun and games until you are late a.k.a BeReal

From the officially used phrase ‘who cares”, which we thought is the truth. We’ve reached the point that actually, everybody cares.
You must have caught yourself mumbling ”who the *CK cares” when your fancy cousin posted something also fancy on Facebook.
At the same time, you are mumbling to yourself and chitchatting that to your friend. In the meantime, that post transferred to a blog, the blog transferred to Instagram, and Snapchat finally to Tik Tok (you get the point). And that fancy cousin was a fancy Influencer now. And everybody cared what she was saying or posting, including you. Everybody cares a LOT.

The next big thing in social is BeReal.

Masses abandoned the ship of wedding and vacation albums, and job changes officially called Facebook and Finsta a.k.a fake Instagram to be active users on BeReal.
Of course, Gen Z did it first.
BeReal scored over 10 million daily active users. An epic boom from the 10,000 users from a little over a year ago.
When you raise your left hand and promise to continue your online presence without filters, you will get a chance to post a picture in 2 mins when you receive THE notification.
BeReal is a validation of the everyday dullness of ordinary folks.
The validation that everything is ok if you catch that 2min time window.
If you are a bit late, a shameful notification will reach your friends, alarming them that you couldn’t make it.
If you ever caught Adam Mosseri’s stories about creating your community on Instagram, his recipe is authenticity. But on BeReal authenticity is the only path you can take, it’s inescapable.
It’s the “we all wanna be loved for who we truly are” thing.

Success of BeReal

BeReal has received approximately 40 million installs this year alone, according to data from Apptopia, a company that monitors and assesses the performance of mobile apps.
BeReal receives 2.93 million daily app visits and 21.6 million monthly active users.
The year 2022 saw 74.5% of all downloads for the app.
The United States, the United Kingdom, and France are the countries where the app is most popular.
The app was even the focus of a “Saturday Night Live” skit featuring actor Miles Teller.

Interesting features of the app

The app’s fundamental notion is to capture a shot with the back and front cameras at a random time each day.
 It was created by former GoPro employees Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreau and released in late 2019.
The app does not include a “like” button, but users can respond with a RealMoji, a selfie-based emoji. Videos cannot be posted on the app, and there are no filters or edit controls. The app does not show follower counts or advertisements.

Now that we’ve tried it and are hooked, it’s your time.

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