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Handling negative comments on social media like a PRO

Pay attention to comments, mentions, and hashtags

If you are representing a brand or a company on social media you need to become a seriously good digital listener. In your everyday schedule include a basic google search of the brand or company that you are representing.
Check the mentions, hashtags, and comments on various social media platforms.
Because that is the place to hear if there is a problem with your company or the brand. Keep in mind that not all content will be tagged.

Here we have a list of some tools whether you are a one-man show or you are an agency, it can be helpful:

  • Brandwatch
  • Google Alerts
  • Ahref
  • SocialPilot
  • Studicus
  • Agorapulse

Just to be clear, equally important is to notice all negative and positive comments.

Delete comment or not? Not even the question anymore!

The world has no place for thinking like this. There are just too many review sites to keep things quiet.
As a company with a social media presence, criticism, and negative comments are no longer the exception, there are unavoidable. Look at this situation like it is a validation of your online presents.

Just a small reminder, RESPONSE TIME matters

Rapid replays are expected, and very much welcomed, especially on the negative ones.
Some research shows that 37% of customers expect a response in the first 30minutes.
Negative sentiments can multiply quickly and even become viral if the response is too slow. And in addition to that, without a response, the alleged statement is going to be interpreted as true.

Be serious or take the path of humor

There are some ways to handle criticism:

  • Reply publicly
  • Reply privately
  • Be serious
  • Use humor

It depends mainly on the situation of course, and the critic.

Some of the general pieces of advice are:

  • We already said but just to be sure, don’t delete it.
  • Be human, be sincere, and transparent 
  • Never be negative
  • Always respond publicly and only after that approach customer privately
  • Don’t run away from apologies, if it’s necessary do it.
  • Don’t make false promises
  • Get an updated review 
  • Convince everyone who reads the bad review in the future that your business is fixing the mistake
  • Personalize your response
  • Explain yourself, your situation, or your point of view
  • Learn from your past mistakes
  • Learn how and when to engage
  • Generate more positive comments

Remember that negative comments are expected in any business. These can’t create a big problem if you manage them in the right way. A great number of the largest companies get dozens of bad reviews every day, but it does not affect their profit. They just know how to communicate best with an angry customer. It is a little bit difficult for small companies but there is always a way to do it properly.

Hope we help you a bit, stay tuned for more…


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